Nicole Amato is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Amatostyle.  Ms. Amato’s strong belief in the power of one’s inner sense of confidence and individualism consistently inspires all aspects of her business. Prior to forming Amatostyle, Ms. Amato spent many years as a practicing attorney, both in the public and private sectors. Her background provides the perfect foundation as she now turns her goals and attention to the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Passionate about the freedom of expression we as individuals have in our daily life, Ms. Amato has created a business message which encourages women to feel confident to make their own statement to the world.  As such, she has created a collection of high-end luxury accessories with two lines, at varying price points, offering something for every woman.  These distinctive accessories aid in a woman's ability to add that certain level of flair and individuality necessary to feel and express her autonomy and confidence as she wishes.  "Your personal style is a prime opportunity to express who you are and that is your message to tell," says Amato. 

At Amatostyle, we strongly value the confidence to be seen and heard for who YOU are - your way and encourage you to embrace that.  We see fashion as something that YOU WEAR to show who you are, not something that WEARS YOU to show who the designer is.